Education and child protection - Afod program

AFOD strives to promote and support access to quality basic education for all in South Sudan. Our goal is to increase community participation in promoting basic education, and to enhance access to primary education and child welfare in schools. We strive to enhance enrolment and completion rates at primary education level for children in South Sudan.

AFOD has put in place structures and systems to tackle education challenges in line with the South Sudan development plan and education framework. Our education programming is based on sustained engagement with educationists and learning institutions for current initiatives, understand lessons learnt and constraints for improved programming and performance. In designing our education programme, AFOD closely consults with agencies, ministries, community structures, religious institutions and global recommendations to contribute to the realization of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Our education department priorities are: a) Increasing access and equity to basic education b) Improving completion rate for boys and girls c) Education in emergency d) Increasing community participation and involvement to promote education and e) School feeding and school gardens.