Message From Executive Director- Afod South Sudan


I am pleased to inform you that AFOD South Sudan interactive Website has been launched to offer opportunity for sharing updates, feedback, comments and to donate to save lives of the most vulnerable and invisible. Therefore, I would like to warmly welcome you to this interactive and learning website. The site offers a great chance to share feedback from readers, beneficiaries, staff, Donors and further promote dialogue.

It will keep users informed of new developments and be a forum through which ideas, comments and questions are exchanged and/or asked. It provides an opportunity for concerned individuals to donate. Donations can be deposited to AFOD bank account. To donate click on the tab ‘donate” and proceed accordingly.

AFOD (Action for Development) is dedicated to working with rural communities, empowering them while ensuring community ownership. Our interventions are based on the needs of the needy people in line with our core thematic areas guided by the Country development plan and other relevant policies. This interactive site will provide a summary of some of the highlights and updates on AFOD developments and humanitarian responses including important news, publications and surveys in relation to activities being conducted across South Sudan.

We also offer excellent internship/learning opportunities to fresh graduates and students in various disciplines to gain hands-on experience and understand field realities including applied research. We respect community values and work to address their real needs through provision of lifesaving services. We timely respond to emergency situations in collaboration with stakeholders and humanitarian partners to ensure availability of basic services, continuity and restore hope/normalcy.

Finally AFOD will do everything it can to support initiatives that promote empowerment and self-reliance of the community for better health & sustainable development. Send your feedback to AFOD management through email: or Once again welcome and thank you for accessing this website.