Food security and sustainable livelihood - Afod program

Our food security and sustainable livelihood component aims to help reduce poverty levels among vulnerable populations through provision of basic agricultural inputs and tools, and establishment of organized farmer groups The aim is increased production, sustained food security and economic growth in South Sudan. AFOD will tailor its support to improve farming and access to safe and nutritious foods in South Sudan in accordance with global standards. In South Sudan where 95% of the population live off subsistence farming, people have limited knowledge and access to equipment and methods for improved or mechanized agriculture and fishing. Furthermore, farmers are affected by seasonal floods affecting crops, rampant bush burning, uncontrolled tree cutting, charcoal burning, lack of access to water for irrigating their fields, and wars.

The continuous displacement of people in South Sudan brought a need for general food distribution to prevent hunger and malnutrition among the displaced people and their host communities. AFOD has delivered this service with help from our donors.