Health and Nutrition - Afod program

The main goal of our Health & Nutrition section is to provide basic preventive and curative health and nutrition services with special focus on women and children both in stable and emergency settings. Its objective is to contribute to an improvement in the health status of the vulnerable population in extremely underserved areas, through the provision of integrated health and nutrition services.

Our Health & Nutrition activities currently comprise of:

  • Blanket Supplementary Feeding Programme
  • Targeted Supplementary Feeding Programme
  • Nutrition screenings
  • Community management of Moderate and Severe Acute Malnutrition (CMAM)
  • Routine vitamin supplementation, immunization and deworming
  • Infant and Young Child Feeding (IYCF) counselling
  • Increasing demand and utilization of Reproductive Health Care services

In stable situations (no crisis), all interventions are implemented through a comprehensive integrated approach for cost-effectiveness and to ensure that a patient receives complete service-package. During crisis or in a post-conflict situation when access to health services are difficult and a stable intake of food is at risk, AFOD engages with local authorities and partners to provide assistance to ensure continuation of and access to essential health and nutrition services.

In persistent conflicts and post-conflicts situations, AFOD may continue to offer more robust and lifesaving interventions to ensure continuity of primary health care ranging from; expanded programme on Immunization, Nutrition, Maternal Health, Communication for Development (health education and promotion), Health Information Management System (HMIS) and supporting health system strengthening at both County and State level. In order to strengthen local capacities of Health Managers, AFOD may devote resources to address management gaps to improve on planning, coordination and management.