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Current Standing

MOH Malaria Bulletin 2016. Malaria is the leading cause of death among Ugandans accounting for over 27% of lives. It is high time for us all to re-invigorate our efforts to ensure that we control these preventable deaths using the most cost effective intervention.

The Government, working closely with partners have invested huge amounts of money in the control and management of Malaria and therefore it is a call to all of us in the Malaria family to ensure that all efforts are re-enforced to eradicate Malaria. Many countries have done it and so can Uganda. As AFOD we commit ourselves to helping the people in Uganda to overcome the epidemic that has ravaged them for many years.

Strategic Objectives

To increase access to, demand for and uptake of malaria prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care services.


  1. Increased access to, demand for and uptake of malaria prevention, treatment, care and support services.


(Under year of reporting, the programme has not yet attracted funding)