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Current Standing

As development actors, NGOs have become the main service providers where the government is unable to fulfil its traditional role. Many NGOs have moved beyond ‘gap-filling’ initiatives into capacity building activities. Capacity development is a fundamental part of the mandates of many national organizations. Much of their work aims to strengthen national and District capacities through training, technical advice, exchange of experiences, research and policy advice.

While NGOs tend to be better managed and better resourced than community based organizations, some also struggle with capacity issues related to effective management systems, funding, skills, and transparency. NGO interests may not necessarily be aligned with the communities they are intended to serve or with the organization’s objectives. AFOD as an organization intends to invest in capacity building of other NGOs (and CBOs) to fill such gaps.


  • Enhanced capacity of institutions to effectively & efficiently lead, manage & coordinate program delivery.

Strategic Objectives

  • To strengthen capacity on governance, leadership & management of institutions.

  • To strengthen capacity of programs & operations to deliver

  • To enhance capacity of partners to effectively collaborate with AFOD-UG.


  1. Functional country management team effectively and efficiently govern, lead and manage the country program.
  2. Enhanced capacity of operations and program departments to lead and manage their functions.
  3. A functional and effective ICT unit to support both programs and operations in place.
  4. A functional communications unit to effectively and efficiently manage internal and external advocacy, communications and public relations business of the organization.


(Under year of reporting, the programme has not yet attracted funding)