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Current Standing

An important goal of human development research is to generate evidence to guide improvements in policies and practices. With the National Development Plan (NDP), 2010 for Uganda and her Vision of” A transformed Ugandan society from a peasant to a modern and prosperous country within 30 years”. Research and innovation becomes key but Uganda has not been developing primary science, technology and innovation to match the changing trends and needs. AFOD will look to research to better understand problems, inform decision making and to identify effective solutions to fill such gaps.


  • To contribute to generation of knowledge to influence policies and decisions for improved programming and marketing.

Strategic Objectives

  • To enhance institutional capacity to undertake research & innovations.
  • To promote evidence based research to inform decision making, policy formulation and programming.
  • To increase new products & services.


  1.  Readily available evidence based information to inform decision making, policy formulation and programming.
  2. Strengthened technology for development (T4D) to promote uptake of organization services.
  3. Increased new products and services


(Under year of reporting, the programme has not yet attracted funding)